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What Is Beta-Alanine?

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For a bodybuilder who wants to boost off his muscles it is now compulsory that he should know about the talk of the town Beta alanine. This non-essential amino acid is getting popular day by day in the eyes of sports scientists. Beta alanine is actually a naturally occurring amino acid and is sometimes called Carnosyn as well. The nutrient is becoming the most wanted source in the body building industry because of its ability to grow muscles fast but only on a safety scale. The main function through which beta alanine works in bulking up the muscles is its ability to increase to carnosine level in the body which eventually boosts the energy and stamina and makes the body work out for longer periods of time.beta alanine bodybuilding image 1

You can get a lot from beta alanine if you are desperate enough to increase your energy and outshine in the weight lifting and body building competitions. The only thing which you can assume as a drawback of this amino acid can be the tingling effect that feels a little burning as well. But the truth is that this effect is nothing to be afraid of because it only happens when you use it for the first time. You only have to take it according to your bodily demands. Once your body had accepted the nutrient, you will feel a new energy and blast in your daily performance routine. Its unique chemical properties will help your body fight against fatigue and weakness and will also built an immunity wall in your system in order to avoid any disease or sickness. All this can happen when you know exactly the right thing to do and finally beta alanine bodybuilding is not a dream now.

This article will provide you researched based scientific information about beta alanine benefits that you will need to know before putting this thing in your mouth. You will also read about the beta alanine side effects in details. Once you get to know about itsbeta alanine usage, beta alanine dosage,  beta alanine benefits and results you are never going to let it go.

What  is Beta Alanine?

Beta alanine is a mixture of three other amino acids and occurs naturally in the body and reaches in the muscles through the circulation. When carnosine, histidine, dipeptides, and anserine are combined in the body along with the B5 vitamin, then beta alanine is produced. β-Alanine has been recently claimed to be among the secondary neurotransmitter as it is a hybrid version of GABA and L-glycine. So things are much clear at this stage that what is beta alanine and how does it works.

Beta alanine can also be produced and released during the digestion process. When a carbon is removed by the intestinal microbes from the aspartic acid both carbon dioxide and beta alanine is formed and released. There are other ways as well through which beta alanine might be formed in the body. If the histidine dipetides such as anserine or carnosine go through a break down then the formation of beta alanine nutrient is possible. It can also be produced by the body if it is allowed to be formed as a byproduct of a reaction which can convert l-alanaine to pyruvate; although it is pyruvate that produces l-alanine in a state of free plasma through the process of transmission.

Beta alanine can also cause irritation when you use it for the first time in the form of some tingling effect which is known as beta alanine tingling. You can also experience an ongoing process of fusion with both its partners; creatine and taurine. Both these are enhancers and booster of beta-alanine’s benefits and make it all the more effective. Beta alaine tingle and this is one of the beta alaine side effects.

If you are taking a dietary supplement for the production of beta alanine then the process of its circulation among the body is simple. It just flows through the bloodstream and by efficiently reaching to the core of your skeletal muscles with the help of taurine transformer. The affectivity of the results of this process depends completely on the sodium and chloride levels of the body. After completely getting soaked and settled in the muscles it mingles with the carnosine and l-histidine dipeptides involvement. This is the point from where the journey to a new, strong, and muscular body begins for you.

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An overview on Beta Alanine usage and dosage

It is really important to know the beta alanine usage before making decision to take this nutrient. Being a non-essential amino acid, the beta alanine nutrient is not bound to be produced or taken from some specified food items intake. Natural occurring amino acids like beta alanine make room for themselves without any struggle. On the other hand they provide help to the body in the reasonable built up of proteins in the exact amount needed to our body. A lot of people are also concerned about the correct beta alanine dosage, so this point is further discussed in the following paragraphs.

Beta alanine has gained its fame because of its impressive qualities of performance increase, stamina boost, muscle strengthening, lean muscle building, and fighting against fatigue. This is too much too get by adding only a single supplement in your workout routine.

How does it work?

As mentioned above, beta alanine will increase your stamina and will provide you with a body that you only once dreamt of. But the question here is what is exactly that is does and how it makes things happen so flawlessly. Let us have a look on the working process and benefits of beta alanine. This is the beta alanine review on dosage and you can read it to know beta alanine benefits and a few beta alanine side effects as well.

Beta Alanine Benefits

As mentioned above, beta alanine is really a powerful amino acid with a lot of benefits for body builders.  Following are the main beta alanine benefits.

Increased physical performance

It is proved by some recent researches that beta alanine can increase the physical performance in adult weight lifters and body builders as well. The performance level and time can be increased to a moderate length in high intensity exercises. Obviously when the performance increases it is due to the fact that the body is now resilient towards tiredness and fatigue. However, not all researches are in the favor of beta alanine’s performance increasing ability. It is quite possible because there are still not enough researchers who are particularly interested in dissecting this subject and the knowledge is less.These are the beta alanine benefits which you can consider to use on a daily basis.

Some researchers have also suggested that beta alanine can also used for the formation of fat free mass. This can happen with the supplements which include monohydrates, arginine, alpha-ketoisocaproate, leucine or specially creatine mixed with beta alanine. The perception on agreeing with this research is also in conflict to other researches but it is believed that with more people putting their efforts and considerations in enhancing and highlighting the facts about beta alanine with surety which are still behind the dark curtains.

Beta Alanine Uses 

Beta alanine has not only its benefits in the increasing performance stamina, but also has some sports and medical advantages. Athletes are expected to have a specified body weight depending on the sport in which he is to perform. But gaining weight and gaining fat are two different things. As an athlete you have to gain weight with lean muscles and for that you can rely on beta alanine. It can also work to lose body fat and helps you maintain a new shape with learner and stronger muscle formation. It raises the carnosine concentrations in the muscle thus providing you with what you want for your body. The carnosine concentrations are formed with anti-oxidants which work as a protective wall against anxiety. It is also called stress buffers.

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There is not a single user witnessed for the beta alanine that has not experienced an increase of the muscle concentration eventually leading to a desired athlete body. However on the other hand the results of another supplement like creatine has observed both positive response and no response from the users. Creatine is considered the best when mixed with bet alanine. Beta alanine supplements can work alone and provide the same expected results. Studies have shown that with beta alanine supplementation there can be a muscle concentration increase of 58 percent within 4weeks and 80 percent within 10weeks.

Beta-Alanine Scientific Properties

You must be curious to know why this carnosine is of so much importance and the beta-alanine scientific properties. Carnosine is a peptide which also works as an effective anti oxidant. It is your body’s security guard against the buildup of hydrogen ions while you are having high intensity exercises. If hydrogen ion rate increases in your body while you workout it eventually decreases the pH level. An increased H+ with a decreased pH level can effect negatively on the enzymes which can lead to muscle contractions and cramps. If you do not want fatigue to overpower you to reach your set goals then you have to maintain your pH level by proper carnosine concentration provided to your muscles.

Sources from where to get beta alanine

There is very less to be said about the sources of getting beta alanine because it is something that our body automatically produces. The food resources are very less from where you can derive any extract of this nutrient amino acid. And if you are by chance a vegetarian than food is no source for you to get beta alanine. This independent amino acid is mainly produced through the breakdowns of histidine dipeptides and anserine and food and the digestion canal are just the secondary sources. If you are a carnivore then you can make carnosine for your body when you eat pork, beef of any sort of animal proteins. Venison and tuna fish are sources to produce anserine in the body.

It has been seen very evidently that your body can start to reduce the carnosine levels in the body if you go on a five week vegetarian diet. As compared to carnivores and omnivores, the vegetarian bodies tend to produce less carnosine concentration. Carnosine synthase is the enzyme that produces carnosine in the body and it dies when it is not provided with the proper sources.beta alanine benefits food image

Beta alanine is being made a part of so many other supplements as an essential ingredient although it is a complete supplement in its own. Always remember to look at the CarnoSyn® label carefully whenever you go to buy you a beta alanine supplement. The only safe and protected manufacturer of beta alanine supplements is the Natural Alternatives International, Inc. it works as a sovereign company to hold all the copyrights to the production and manufacturing.

When to take Beta alanine

I have seen many people asking that when to take beta alanine, so it is more effective. My answer is, consistency is the key to success in whatever you want to so. So it is not important at what time you take beta alanine but how consistent are you in your regular intake. Since beta alanaine’s effectiveness starts to shine as instantly as you take it, it is a good choice if you take it before your work out. The muscle carnosine concentration level will boost up more quickly and without letting the hydrogen ions increase.

The fiber of the muscle make up decides how much muscle carnosine concentration your body will reach. This achievement does not rely upon the size of your body but on the beta alanine dosage method which you are following. You just have to intake a total amount of dose you have set for your daily routine and gradually increase it. The dosage has to be increased with time because of the eminent muscle concentrations to cope up with your body. Once that level is achieved your high levels of dosage will be lowered down with a 2 percent ratio until you stop your supplement intake.

Beta Alanine Scientific 

Beta Alanine and Taurine

Taurine is a 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid and it is highly found in animal tissues. Taurine has many biological roles and it can work more effectively if mixed with beta alanine. Furthermore the combination of beta alanine and taurine is highly recommended.  Taurine is also a semi neurotransmitter because of its qualities. It is an oxidant and blood glucose utilize. If these two are mixed and consumed in a proper amount of dosage they can work as part to parcel to each other, although at the present time they both are fighting for an uptake.

When you are constantly using beta alanine and not using taurine in your dietary routine then you are making yourself vulnerable to different health issues which might lead to serious diseases. Data was gathered by experimenting on mice which resulted in decreased neuromuscular and neurological performance. By using excessive beta alanine without paying attention to your dietary needs to maintain the balance, the results can be increased stress and beta alanine anxiety which will have a negative impact on your performance.

The experiment with rats also showed that taurine deficiency with the intake of beta alanine can also reduce the production of nitrogen oxide in the body which eventually gives drastic results in performance. This specific result has no prove that it will have the same effect regarding the performance as it did with the rats. This chronic deficiency has just signaled something which is yet to be experienced with humans to prove the results; same or different.

Beta Alanine and Creatine

You can also choose other nutrients, amino acids and mix beta alanine with other supplements based on what your body needs to get into your perfectly desired athlete body. Creatine is yet another and one of the most suggested fusions of beta alanine. The effectiveness of beta alanine and creatine supplements are no doubt readily available even if they are taking separately but studies have shown that if  beta alanine is combined with creatine it can give the fastest, long lasting and most effective results that can be imagined. It has been experienced and witnessed that the people who take combined beta alanine and creatine gain more lean muscles, lose more fat and increase more stamina than those who only took creatine alone.

A 12 week study was held to prove this fact where two groups were assigned the same set of high intensity exercises. The only difference was the A group was given plain creatine supplement while B group was provided with a mixture of creatine with beta alanine. It resulted that the latter group experienced almost no fatigue or weakness on the final day of the experiment when the test was performed.

It is also seen that the fastest results are visible only when the combined supplements are taken with a high intensity workout which ranged from 1 to 5 minutes including heavy weight lifting. You can use the supplement before and after your workout for better results. It all depends on your goals and target to be achieved. Make sure you combine your supplements with your field requires.beta alanine

If you are determined to get a gold medal in the body building competition, you have to choose wisely. Go for the ingredients such as oral ATP, caffeine, and betaine. The supplements having these ingredients will support and strengthen your ATP-PCr energy system. Or if you want to boost your stamina for the 400 meter race, choose ingredients such as DL-malate, alpha-ketoglutarate, citrates, aspartates, in addition to carbohydrates, BCAAs, glutamine, citrulline, and Co-Q10.

Beta Alanine Side Effects:

Beta alanine is almost safe for use for anyone. The beta alanine benefits are more than the beta alanine side effects.The only thing that people get scared of is the beta alanine tingling side effect after you take it for the very first time. It is often at its highest when your body is introduced to it and you feel a burning effect in your neck, scalp, arm and ear area mostly. The reason behind this is not actually that it comes with this side effect. This flushing reaction differs depending on the sustainability of your body.

Some people do not experience any tingling or burning as beta alanine side effects, while others even get inflammations due to the burning sensations. This reaction is called paraesthesia. It was seen that people who were consuming a larger amount of beta alanine then 800 mg were reported to suffer 60 to 90minutes of severe paraesthesia. On the other side, people who were consuming 3grams of beta alanine supplement within a single use still experienced the same severity of the beta alanine tingling, itching and flushing beta alanine side effects for almost the same time.

Another reason of such a beta alanine side effects is that maybe you are consuming the supplement with an empty stomach. When you consume beta alanine with an empty stomach, the blood concentration level in your body increases eventually giving you the itchy and tingling effect which can be a terrible experience. It can also be possible that you are allergic to some of the ingredients present in your beta alanine supplement.

Beta Alanine Warnings:

If you are pregnant or breast feeding than you should avoid using beta alanine supplements because there is still no detailed information or guideline about the consumption and uses of this supplement during such crucial stages. It is also not confirmed whether the consumption and beta alanine dosage in such state can be beneficial or hazardous. So it is better to stay away from anything that is unknown as a little knowledge is always dangerous.

In order to avoid the irritation and to spare yourself from the horror of running here and there with a burning sensation all over your face to your neck and arms, you should follow these simple steps. The beta alanine dosage of the supplement really matters in the beta alanine tingling effect. It is possible that you are taking a large amount of dose three to four times a day or a normal amount but that in a bulge. If that is the case you are doing it wrong both ways.

You should divide your doses in smaller quantities and take them with hourly breaks. 1gram per hour is fine. Set your dosage to 4 gram a day and consume it in broken hourly intervals. In this way your body will get used to the supplement speedily and you will no longer have to worry about any bad outcome. Try to take the beta alanine supplement before your workout. Although it doesn’t matter much and you can take it both before and after workout but a pre-workout consumption will show instant results and increase the stamina and timings more rapidly.

Take your beta alanine supplement with milk because this will prevent any beta alanine tingling effect even if there had to be one. Also, if will not leave your stomach empty and this you can enjoy a longer time of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises combined with high intensity exercise and heavy weight lifting. Before you take the decision that you are now going to be a beta alanine supplement user, make sure that you know about everything you are allergic to. Make sure you get a detailed view of the ingredients of the supplement which you are going to buy. Ask your product retailer about the ingredients because sometimes it happens that the retailer doesn’t have enough knowledge and you end up being at loss.


In essence I will call beta alanine body building miracle nutrient as it has maximum benefits with minimum beta alanine side effects. Once you know the accurate beta alanine dosage  and its combination with Taurine and Creatine, then you are good to go with it. Always check for your allergies first and then opt for it. In the beginning, you will feel beta alanine tingling, and it also causes beta alanine anxiety, so always be aware of the fact that this is not permanent. This is just a reaction of your body to the changes that you are introducing in the body. I hope you liked the review and information about this famous bodybuilding nutrient and will use it soon to avail beta alanine benefits to its fullest.

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