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Beta alanine anxiety

Beta Alanine Anxiety

Beta Alanine is regarded as a non-essential amino-acid that is responsible for beta alanine bodybuilding important proteins in the body. It is one of the most important nutrients for amino acid metabolism in the blood, and after it has been synthesized it is absorbed by the liver and then converted. Beta alanine benefits  plays an important role in fighting with different types of  beta alanine anxiety and phobias like agoraphobia, social anxiety, depression, and fear of the dark are remarkable. It also helps in the OCD obsessive compulsive disorder.beta alanine anxiety image 1

I have been diagnosed with a rare compulsive disorder with high intensity of anxiety. I used to experience extremely dark images flashing through my mind. My general practitioner suggested me to take supplement with the essential amino acid beta alanine and to lower down my caffeine intake. I have been using beta alanine supplements for 6 years now and my anxiety has just vanished almost. Beta alanine produces such carnosine histidines which balances the taurine level and helps you to remain confident and stops you from getting out of your mind. So beta alanine and taurine together works wonders. It can also help your brain and nervous health.

How to cope up with anxiety through beta alanine:

Taurine is a substrate of taurine transporter and it functions as a neuromodulator and antioxidant for beta-alanine. A taurine transporter works as a neurotransmitter in the brain. They are considered to be implicated in depressive behavior. It can also help in anti-depressant treatment. Beta-alanine acts on glycine and GABAA receptors just like Taurine. It helps in reduction of the anxiety disorders and to cope up with them.

To cope up with the anxiety disorders of any sort you just have to make sure that you are taking the beta alanine supplement according to your body need. Initial stage starts off with 1gram several times of the day to 5 to 6 grams. You have to increase the dose according to the severity of the anxiety otherwise things can get worse for you to handle. Make sure that you take beta alanine with milk in order to give your body a light and more relaxing effect.

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