Beta-Alanine Health Benefits

Beta-Alanine Benefits For Body Builders

 Beta Alanine Benefits

 Beta Alanine Benefits

You would be well aware of the working of beta alanine benefits if you are using it from quite a time but there are 10 benefits of beta alaninie that you were not aware of before. These benefits will definitely add to your previous knowledge about beta alanine supplements.

Beta Alanine Improve athletic performance

Beta alanine is the most helpful power supplement to increase the athletic stamina. It is witnessed that people who take beat alaninie supplements with their workouts tend to have more long lasting workout starting from 1 to 4 minutes of anaerobic exercises and up to 15 minutes of heavy weight lifting workouts.

beta alanine benefits

Fights anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder

Carnosine is believed to have serotonins in it which releases stress and lowers anxiety and beta alanine produces carnosine. It increases the anti-anxiety molecules which is otherwise low in rodents with a post traumatic stress disorder. Beta-alanine may also decrease PTSD-like behavior.This is a good beta alanine benefits that most of us are not aware of.

Enhances military combat

A recent review shows an exclusive new benefit of beta alanine supplements that it can be used to enhance the performance of the soldiers on battle field. During the short bursts of high intensity combats, it can increase their presentation to more than up to 5minutes than usual.

Increases muscle mass

It is mainly used as a body building supplement so this is its major benefit that it increases muscle mass and helps bulking up your body.

Helps you lose weight

By increasing the amount of muscle in your body, you decrease the amount of fat in your body. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics finds that including beta-alanine supplements in your diet helps improve your muscle gains, thereby increasing your ability to burn body fat and lose weight.

Fights against fatigue by reducing Lactic acid

Because beta alanine is a converter and producer of carnosine before it reaches the muscles, it provides a higher energy level in the body which allows people to work out for more time with less fatigue. It lowers down the lactic acid ratio in the body which resists against the tiredness of the work out.

Fights against tumors

It helps to fight the aggression and function of tumors and stops them to grow. In colon and rectal tumor cells, beta-alanine reduced tumor cell growth

Beta Alanine Anti- aging

Beta alanine produces a carnosine anti-aging stress molecule which lowers the diseases related to aging.

Improves cognitive functions in stress

It helps you to remain calm and composed and to work reasonably and logically under stressful circumstances. This works best for the soldiers in decision making on battle field.

Increases training performance

A study held back in 2012 showed results that the intake of beta-alanine improved considerably in high-intensity training performance and competence. It was mainly because of the expedited muscle recovery in amateur soccer players in seasonal training sessions. The researchers chose 17 athletes on a beta alanine supplementation group and performed an experiment call the YoYo Intermittent test. They divided the test in two parts; a pre-12 and a post-12 week of the intake of the supplement during the season of their competitions. After the post 12 weeks the users of beta alanine supplement group experienced a 34 percent increase in their training performance

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