Beta-Alanine Health Benefits

Beta-Alanine Benefits For Body Builders

Beta Alanine Bodybuilding

Beta Alanine Bodybuilding

Although a relative new-comer in the bodybuilding world, beta alanine supplements have been gaining more and more traction in recent years for their positive effects on improving training performance and overall gains.

The primary benefits of beta alanine are due to its effects on raising and sustaining carnosine levels within the muscles. Carnosine works by neutralizing the buildup of hydrogen ions during intense training sessions. Hydrogen ions are responsible for that burning sensation you feel as you approach the end of your set, and they’re a metabolic waste product that inhibit muscular contractions. So, beta alanine benefits your workout by buffering hydrogen ion build up, which allows you to continue your set for prolonged periods and pump out additional repetitions. beta alanine bodybuilding image 1


Beta alanine for body building

According to a recent research using beta alanine supplement can help body builders in numerous ways and can increase the carnosine in the muscles. The study shows the beta alanine bodybuilding properties. Carnosine is a small dipeptide which is basically known for its proton buffering capability. .

Muscular acidosis causes poor presentation and loss of power, as well as the “burning” effect. With the intensive workout of body builders, hydrogen ions are produced and release constantly as a proof of the fast energy metabolism. The muscles begin to burn when the hydrogen ions start to build up. To endorse a higher protein fusion, body builders often surpasses the burn. Carnosine takes the hydrogen protons from these burned tissues. If the H+ in muscles is decreased it can extend muscular fatigue. As a result this connection enhances the endurance, VO2max and certain other performance markers.

Beta alanine for bodybuilding helps to fortify muscle tissues with carnosine. When hydrogen protons accumulate during strenuous exercise, intramuscular pH levels drop to acidic levels. Many people erroneously believe that lactic acid accumulations are the cause of muscle burning. It is actually the H+ ions accumulating. In order to speed up your muscle gains, you can now work out more professionally at a high intensity and complete more sets of your weight lifting leading to an increased stamina.

Beta Alanine Uses

The research on beta-alanine suggests it is a powerful supplement when combined with specific other supplements like creatine. It can increase the strength and stamina of the body to a significant extent, providing you with a lean body mass, power, and muscular endurance. Hence beta alanine bodybuilding property of this nutrient is really famous.

The Research on beta alanine has showed that supplementing with beta-alanine for a shorter period with small doses like four weeks with as little as 1.6 g per day had a negative effect on athletic performance in numerous categories. The tingling effect was also more prevalent in such sort of usage. But when supplementing with beta-alanine lasted for a longer duration with higher dosages which was for 12 weeks or more at 3.0 g/day or more, it showed much positive response on performance and workout stamina.Moreover, studies have shown that the best results occur when beta-alanine is being used constantly for at least three months.

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