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Beta Alanine Itch

Beta alanine itch is a sure feeling of a fire tingling. The constant use of beta alanine produces paresthesia which is an uncomfortable itching on the skin. It shows its effect on neck, shoulders, and arms. Beta alanine itch starts about 15 minutes after you take your pre-workout and goes away after half an hour or so. It is a harmless side effect of over dosage of beta alanine although there are not much of its side effects. This emergence of pining and itching on a surface of our body is attributed as a histamine response. Check out more information about

Why Beta Alanine is Itchy?

This is an actual mechanism that allows a response to happen. It works independent of our huge histamine system to get our nerve endings excited.  So it is a fascinating piece of bodily phenomenon as the effect it shows wears off with time. Hence, we can say that it is this harmless histamine response that causes inflammation and a burning sensation.There is an article that writes whole mechanism of beta alanine itch, so if you want you can read it here.

beta alanine itch

beta alanine itchy


How To Cure Beta Alanine Itch?

The inflammation, pricking and flushing sensation that it brings is completely a harmless phenomenon.  It begins after a gap of 15 minutes as soon as you have consumed beta alanine and lasts for 30 to 60 minutes. It is actually the result of nerve finales lying underneath the skin. It stimulates these nerve finales so a firing sensation is felt at a higher rate. This does not lead to a distress as it is already experienced by majority of beta alanine users. The users may find this histamine response as a source of joy. As it gets less powerful as you start to continuously use it. Ultimately it gets vanished after several weeks of a constant use of beta alanine.

It is also seemed as a good pre work out energy boost. Although it makes some of the users uncomfortable but most of them enjoy it. The interesting point about this itch is that it is always stoutest in new users and becomes less powerful with daily use. The effect of it also reduces as you may divide the dosage throughout the day. Its intensity can be brought to a minimum level if taken in two servings of 1.6 grams instead of one serving of 3.2 grams.


It can also be reduced by consuming beta alanine alongside a meal. If arises, it effects abdomen, chest and edges of the body. The maximum time of itchiness and inflammation on skin is about 90 minutes or so. It is considered as the only side effect of beta alanine. So we can say that beta alanine is incomplete without beta alanine itch. The potential benefits of beta alanine completely outweighs it.

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