Beta-Alanine Health Benefits

Beta-Alanine Benefits For Body Builders

Beta Alanine Scientific

Beta Alanine Scientific

If you are looking to hit the gym harder, you should know that you cannot have instant results without some damage.  But why would you risk yourself to such a thing when all you can do is to add a beta alanine supplement to boost your muscles and your workout stamina. There are a lot of beta alanine benefits that are worth talking about when it is combined with other supplements.  The beta alanine is so powerful because converts itself into a carnosine dipeptide. This acid helps you to reduce muscle pulls and fatigue during heavy lifting in workout.

Beta Alanine and Creatine

The beta alanine scientific research has proved how much functional this acid is in your workout routine. In a recent study of the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, it has been proved that if beta alanine is taken along with creatine, there is more chances to get more leaner and stronger muscles. Creatine is considered to be a major source of body building through workout. But it can also fatten the body afterwards. With beta alanine its power can be doubled and the body strength will also increase positively.

A guard against muscle fatigue

Beta alanine fights and protects the body against muscle fatigue and cramps according to the 2010 study of Nutrients. According to the study, muscle carnosine level can be increased as much as 66 percent if beta alanine is taken several times in a day.  The dose should be 800mg each time. This amino acid converts the H+ ions into a dipeptide called carnosine which lessens the chances of any muscle stress and exhaustion. This builds up an extra tolerance in your body to bear the exertion of the workout. You can boost off your stamina five times more through it.

Bulking Up

The European Journal of Experimental Biology has discovered that if an amateur athlete takes beta-alanine supplements for eight weeks and follows a pyramid training program, they can have considerable increase in muscular hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is the academic term for muscle growth. Researchers are still unable to describe the exact mechanism of this factor but the thing which is sure is that amino acids such as beta alanine plays a major role in bulking up body. And the second one is that when a body experiences a muscle increase the building blocks for muscle increase will also boost up and respond quickly. This simple reason may suffice to explain the process of bulking up.

Strengthen the body

International journal of sports medicine arranged an experiment in which 22 men were chosen to complete a set of 70 percent more than their regular one-reps squats. They were easily able to do the task after the intake of beta alanine. This process continued for 30 days and it not only increased the stamina but also the muscle bulking increased miraculously.

Amplified VO2

A group of research professors of the Oklahoma University added the beta alanine supplement to the high intensity workout training of professional male athletes. They were able to increase their VO2 max from 90 to 110 percent in the first three week of training and 115 percent increase in VO2 during the next three weeks. Through the beta alanine intake not only the stamina increased but also their ability to consume more oxygen increased faster after the first three weeks of their workout training.

HIIT stamina

A Brazilian research on Amino Acids has found out that the beta alanine usage in the initial stages of gyming and workout can increase the patience and endurance of the muscles to tolerate the heavy weights and the exercises which are new to the body. The initial stage in body building can be hard for an amateur and can stiffen the muscles. Amino acid such as beta alanine can reduce muscle fatigue and your body will get use to the muscle bulking without any weakness or fatigue. In this way you can have a longer workout time that can start of with some minutes of jumping and anaerobic exercises to hard heavy weight lifting.

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