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Beta Alanine Supplement Side Effects

Beta Alanine Supplement Side Effects

There are not much of its side effects. It is mostly safe when taken in a limited quantity. It is also harmless to be taken via mouth but some of its after-use effects do exist. The most important among these is its tingling effect. This makes a lot of people afraid of using it. The tingling is at its peak when your body is introduced to it for the first time. This exposure to your body brings a burning sensation, termed as paraesthesia. Read more about beta alanine side effects at

It can be even worse if the dosage taken is more than 800 mg. The effects of paraesthesia can make you suffer from a burning sensation for 60 to 90 minutes. Those people who consume a dosage of 3 grams also experience itching, irritation, redness and flushing too. These symptoms of paraesthesia may appear on your neck, scalp, arms and ear areas.This is one of the major beta-alanine supplement side effects.

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There are some more reasons for its side effects of its add-ons. This is when you take it empty stomach. Because it increases the blood concentration level inside your body which may lead to prickliness.  This prickly behaviour can be disastrous. It might occur as an outcome of the fact that you are allergic. Your allergic sensitivity may appear because some of its ingredients are not suiting you. So pregnant ladies and those who breastfeed their infants are not advised to use it. Another outcome appears when Sodium bicarbonate is used with beta alanine. It may enhance performance but brings an additive ergogenic effect.

What Are Taurine and Beta Alanine Side Effects

The ergogenic effect means that it improves the performance enhancing substance in your body. It also causes blood lactate to increase after exercise which increases motor cortex excitability. An acute dosage with sodium bicarbonate also causes a heart attack. It may result in a lack of oxygen in your body that weakens the rate of exertion. This is known beta alanine supplement side effects to date. The lower rate of exertion means you find a difficulty in performing an exercise. This also drops the taurine level that may be reached to 50% in animals.


The reason behind these side effects is not the fact that beta alanine is dangerous. In fact, it improves our immunity system and resilience like anything. But this occurs because of the different endurance capacity of a human body. This difference in the immunity levels causes some people to remain absolutely free from irritation feelings. While some people even feel more inflammable burning sensations than others. So I hope that you are more aware of a few beta alanine supplement side effects and will take it according to your health issues and tolerance.



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