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Beta Alanine Tingling

Beta Alanine Tingling

Itching or beta alanine tingling in the extremities is a common but not dangerous side effect of beta alanine. You can reduce these effects with lower divided doses or a sustained release formula. Because beta alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid with an important role to play in the body, it is likely a very safe supplement. However, its long term use has not been studied, nor has its use in combination with other supplements.

Beta Alanine Tingles

The most common side effect associated with beta alanine supplementation is an itching or tingling in the extremities. This is called paraesthesia. Although paraesthesia is commonly caused by pressure on or damage to the peripheral nerves, with beta alanine supplementation, it is not dangerous and symptoms generally disappear within 60–90 min of supplementation.

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The biggest false impression about Paresthesia which people assume often is that it is positive sign that the Beta-Alanine is working.  The main fault is basically of your supplement companies who do not trouble themselves enough to notify you beforehand about the actual working process of Beta-Alanine. So they mistakenly  just suppose that its performance boosting purpose is somehow related with the beta alanine tingling.

There are these following precautions you can take in order to save yourself if the tingling of paraesthasia is driving you crazy:

  • One thing you can do is to divide up your dose into multiple servings and take small doses throughout the day, instead of one or two larger doses. Studies have shown that smaller doses have a smaller effect. Studies have shown that if you take 2 to 3 grams at once it would induce more sensation of tingling. The scope inside the supplement box is 1 gram and that is what you need. Also do not take caffeine with your beta alanine supplement. Always take it with milk and take it 30minutes before your workout so you would know if you are having any side effect or not.
  • The second thing you can do is to take a sustained release or timed release formula. These slowly release the beta alanine over a period of time, instead of dumping it into your system all at once. You can take a half gram after each hour or throughout several times of the day. 4 to 5 gram is enough for a single day dose so you can just slow down the pace of the size of the dosage and set a sustained dose throughout the day to avoid the  beta alanine tingling effect.


In essence beta alanine tingling is not a bad side effect, it is just for sometime. So it can be ignored, as beta alanine benefits are much more than  beta alanine side effects.

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